Menorca Brass Ensemble

Menorca Brass Ensemble is born with the intention of collecting different brass instruments from Menorca Island. The goal is to create a new space, with a platform to find new career opportunities and getting more experience to the local students.

A group of chamber music, that pretends to surround the public into the sonority of a group of brass.

Menorca Brass Ensemble

It offers a chance to enjoy a different playlist than usual. A wide conception in terms of styles and music genres, without compromising any composition school or age. Our repertory involve all the historical eras from the occidental music culture.

Menorca Brass Ensemble Trombones

The main feature of this project is the fact that all the musicians are from Menorca or they are at least living there, at the same time all of them are part of the “Cambra Illa de Menorca Orchestra” (OCIM).

A new cultural chance in the island that from the viewer point of view, it shows the technical capabilities of each brass instrument played by the Menorca Brass Ensemble.

MB Ensemble Trompetas

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