Menorca Brass was born in 2013 in Menorca as a brass musical course (trumpet, horn, trombone). An international scope with local approach cultural project.

This year is the 8th edition of Menorca Brass, from July 11th 2020 to July 15th 2020 different courses and concerts are going to be celebrated.

If you are a music passionate there’s no doubt, this is a good way to combine culture and knowledge in an amazing place.


MB Master Class Modality

The MB Master Class Modality is focused on the high grade students or people already working on his speciality. This course has international musicians as teachers.

Date: From July 10th to 13th

Price: 220€


Menorca Brass Master Registration

MB Brass Course Modality

The MB Brass Course Modality teachers are musicians with a high level and experience. This course is focused on elementary grade and professional grade students, a good chance to get some experience from the best music players.

Date: From July 7th to 11th

Price: 130€


Menorca Brass Course Registration


The whole course is going to be celebrated in “es Mercadal”. This little village is placed in the middle of Minorca, and 5.000 people are living over there, just next to the highest point in the island, “Monte Toro”.

Get more information about es Mercadal’s housing and about Menorca using the following links: